Shop for Heated Towel Rails by Material

Shopping for heated towel rails by material allows you to find a unit that best meets your needs. Different materials have different properties that are better suited to particular needs.

A towel ladder’s heat efficiency, durability, appearance and cost will all be affected by the material it is made from. If you do not explore your material options, you could end up with a towel warmer that costs more than you can realistically afford. Or you may miss out on long-term savings from better heat efficiency.

Whatever you need, Trade Radiators supplies heated towel rails in different materials to meet them. You will also find various styles, designs and colours options in the comprehensive range of towel rails we have available.

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Our Range of Heated Towel Rails By Material

Trade Radiators supplies the most cutting-edge, high-quality powered towel rails for discerning modern buyers. Shop heated towel rails by material to find your ideal balance of style, efficiency and affordability.

The options at your disposal in this range amount to steel or aluminium towel rails. Steel is a traditional material and you will find products in mild steel, stainless steel and more, with brands like Lazzarini and Trade Direct to explore. Steel is robust and resistant to damage from the humidity in a bathroom. It can be coloured and finished in many different ways for an elegant look.

Aluminium is a modern radiator material, valued for its heat efficiency and superb durability. You will find many state-of-the-art aluminium towel warmers in this range from brands like Reina and Towelrads, all boasting unique style and powerful performance.

Be sure to consult the free BTU calculator to know what heating power you need. You will enjoy fast, free delivery to any UK mainland address and a lengthy manufacturer guarantee with any product you order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Towel Rails By Material

Why Should I Shop For Heated Towel Rails By Material?

Material is an important consideration for heated towel rails. Different properties for heating power and efficiency as well as durability should be key considerations when buying. Explore your options at Trade Radiators by shopping for heated towel rails by material.

Are There Different Styles Of Heated Towel Rails In Different Materials?

Yes, you will find traditional and contemporary towel ladders as well as column radiators and other styles in this range. Colours and finishes are very varied so be sure to explore the full collections.

Do You Sell Electric Elements For Heated Towel Rails Of Different Materials?

Yes, many of the bathroom radiators at Trade include an option for dual fuel heating. This adds an electric heating element alongside the standard installation. You can also explore the complete range of electric radiators for more options.