Black Traditional Radiators

There is no denying the look and charm of a traditional radiator. At Trade Radiators, we have grown our range of traditionally styled radiators in recent years to now include a wide variety of black traditional radiators.

Historically a tough product to find for the home or office in this shade, we are excited to offer our customers access to a high-quality range of black traditional radiators, with many fantastic options from the Apollo Roma range. If you’ve been looking to upgrade old radiators with something providing character, you’ll find it within this range of stunning black radiators.

If you're looking for a different type of radiator, why not view our full selection of radiators to discover an alternative choice for your room?

What types of black traditional radiators does Trade Radiators stock?

It helps to know what we mean when referring to something as “traditional”. These are black radiators designed in a traditional column style, where the radiators are connected by sections instead of a flat front & back panel.

Which brands make the best black traditional radiators?

Apollo would be the brand our team finds to make the best black column radiators on the market. The majority of products you’ll find here are from their Roma range, which we find to be the best in terms of quality, colour, and value. If you like the look of their radiators, we recommend looking at our full Apollo radiator range.

Can Black Traditional Radiators heat a room easily?

Black traditional radiators will work fantastically to heat a room. With the sectional design increasing the surface area the radiator gets to work with, it has the ability to draw in a higher volume of cold air; ideal in rooms where you run into issues with circulation.

What shape do Black Traditional Radiators come in?

You can choose from both vertical and horizontal black traditional radiators. Customers opting for vertical radiators may also be interested in looking at all our vertical radiators, including unique designs from top-rated designer names such as Nordic, Reina & Trade Direct.

What are black traditional radiators made of?

The black finish of the radiator can throw some people off knowing what material these radiators are made from. A common misconception is that black means cast iron, but this isn’t the case. Unless stated in the product page, the radiators you’re looking at are made from steel. If you are interested in having classic design elements at play, why not browse our range of heritage cast iron radiators?

What shade of black are these radiators?

There are some variations in colour depending on the radiator you choose. This range features metallic black & matt jet black radiators, which are known to have a matt and dull finish. If you were after a black radiator with some shine, we recommend looking at our black nickel radiators.

How many columns do black traditional radiators have?

Trade Radiators offers black traditional radiators in the following column options:

  • 2 column
  • 3 column
  • 4 column
  • 6 column

The majority of the range contains 3 column radiators, and we do advise you look at how much wall projection you can work with before choosing your preferred radiator. If you find that there is not enough space, then you can browse alternative models in our full selection of radiators.

What is the best Black Traditional Radiator for a hallway?

Hallways can be very tricky spaces to heat up. They are also usually the area of the home where you can house the largest radiator. We would recommend against simply opting for the biggest black traditional radiator you can hang on the wall, and instead use a heating calculator to figure out the desired BTU range for your hallway. You’ll see we have a BTU filter on the left side menu to help you find suitable products.

Getting advice on buying new radiators

If the process of buying a new radiator is completely foreign to you, don’t worry. Please read some of the helpful articles from our advice centre to learn more about specific radiator types, and what would work best in any space you need a new radiator.

Helping you get a new black radiator promptly

Trade Radiators knows what it is like to be waiting around on a new radiator. That’s why we aim to deliver black traditional radiators we have in stock as quickly as possible. Within each product page, you can learn if your new radiator is made to order and how long it will take. If you have any questions or concerns about delivery, please get in touch, and we will gladly assist.

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