Column Radiators with Feet

Column radiators with feet operate efficiently and have a classical aesthetic for a modern space. Their weight has extra support from the feet, helping improve durability.

These elegant radiators are ideal when you need a touch of the traditional. You can order them in various colours that give them a different feel. With Trade Radiators, you can enhance the ambience of your interior with a selection of different interpretations of traditional column radiators.

If your space needs something different, Trade Radiators supplies radiators in various modern and classical styles. Other materials and finishes are also available, so you will be fine finding something right for you.

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Our Range of Column Radiators With Feet

Trade Radiators stay connected to the changing needs of modern buyers for their home heating. There are various solutions for warmth, but everything we sell balances style, substance and affordability.

We have many options for column radiators with feet. Styles cover iconic units in a classical style or more contemporary takes on the format. You will get your choice of colours and finishes for these durable steel units.

We also help you find the perfect heating power with the Trade Radiators BTU calculator tool. This resource is free and calculates the heating power needed based on room size so you can enjoy maximum efficiency.

All our products have generous guarantees attached. We also deliver for free throughout the UK mainland and will deliver your order quickly.

Experience top-drawer service at affordable prices when you shop with Trade Radiators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Column Radiators With Feet

Why Do I Need a Column Radiator With Feet?

Column radiators with feet have an iconic look that resembles traditional radiators from the 19th century. The radiator feet lend an opulent aesthetic while providing extra support for the radiator’s weight. They can work in any space with a matching aesthetic, delivering efficient heating alongside their elegant appearance.


Are There Different Styles Of Column Radiators With Feet?

Yes, we stock column radiators in different design styles with feet to meet your needs. Many also offer multiple options for the style of the feet, with numerous options for colours and finishes.


Do You Sell Electric Column Radiators With Feet?

No, currently all the radiators in this range are standard installation only. But we have a wealth of electric and dual fuel units if this is what you need. Explore our catalogue today.


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