Glass Designer Radiators

Trade Radiators offers two main types of quality glass designer radiators. Find the right radiator to suit your home interior based on your preferred style and your heat requirements.

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Towelrads Capsule Electric Infrared Radiators

At first glance the Capsule Glass designer electric radiator resembles a mirror. Completely unique in design, the Capsule Glass oozes style and modernity, looking more like a piece of modern art than a radiator. Not only is it modern in design, because the capsule glass radiator is electrically powered, it is ahead of the game in terms of energy efficiency.

Starting at a price of £465, that's £300 off the recommended retail price, this radiator is slightly more expensive than other designer radiators. However, lasting on average 50 percent longer than gas radiators as well as cheaper running prices, the long-term benefits of buying a designer electric radiator outweigh the initial cost. Buying an electric radiator is a truly long-term investment.

Contemporary Style

It is the unique design of the Capsule Glass electric radiator that sets it apart from other designer radiators. Shaped in a rectangular shape with curved ends, the Capsule glass radiator is one of a kind. If you are looking to create a wow factor in a room, then this is definitely the radiator to go for.

This radiator comes in a choice of three colours, white, black or the ultra-chic mirrored design. Pair the black one against a white or cream background to create a timeless, classic look or highlight brighter walls by placing the black capsule radiator on the brighter wall to create a striking look. The white capsule radiator complements lighter backgrounds nicely, neutralising paler shades. Why not try out our white Capsule electric radiator in the bathroom to create a modern, fresh feel?

The mirrored Capsule is particularly striking. A new take on radiators, the mirrored finish, is practical and stylish. Doubling up as a mirror, this radiator would fit perfectly into a modern property looking to maximise space in the most efficient way possible. Complementing modern living spaces nicely add the mirrored Capsule radiator to your bathroom and use it as a mirror and a radiator.

Stylish and Efficient

As touched on above, not only are our electric range of designer radiators incredibly chic, they are also more energy efficient and easier to control than gas radiators. Mainly due to the fact that our electric radiators don't need a pipe system to heat them, electric radiators last, on average, 50 percent longer than gas radiators. Additionally, 100 percent of energy used to power the radiator is converted into heat, saving you energy and money. They also won't corrode like gas ones because the oxidisation process, which occurs when water and metal react can't occur, because they don't rely on water to power them.

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Towelrads Frame Electric Infrared Radiators

Once you have bought a Frame glass electric radiator, you will not be able to use a different type of radiator again. Stylish and reliable, the Frame Glass designer electric radiator propels radiator design to another level. By investing in the Frame Glass electric radiator, you are not only investing in a stylish piece, because this radiator is electrically powered it is more energy efficient and better for the environment than gas radiators.

Starting at a very reasonable £325, that's an incredible £210 below the recommended retail price, the initial cost of the radiator is overshadowed by its incredible longevity and efficiency. Electric radiators have a life span that, on average, lasts 50% longer than their gas counterparts. When you buy one of our glass electric radiators you are truly investing in a radiator for life.

Contemporary Style

The Frame glass designer radiator is an incredibly contemporary piece. Rectangular in shape, the Frame Glass designer radiator is minimalist in design. Rather than relying on elaborate designs, this piece will effortlessly accentuate your living space and add a modern touch to the environment around it.

This state of the art radiator is available in three colours; white, black and mirror. The black and white frame glass radiators are ideal for white or cream rooms to create a timeless look, despite the modern nature of the design. Alternatively, place them on a wall in front of brighter colours to highlight the colour.

The mirrored frame glass radiators are extremely practical radiators. Not only do they look incredibly stylish, they can double up as a mirror. These radiators are great for bathrooms or smaller apartments looking to utilise wall space in the best way possible.

Stylish and Efficient

As highlighted above, the Frame glass electric radiator is incredibly stylish. As well as looking good, because the frame glass radiator is electrically powered, 100 percent of the energy provided to power the radiator is converted into heat. This is something you won't see from gas powered radiators as energy is lost through the flu.

The frame glass radiator doesn't need an extensive heating system to operate so it is very easily fitted in your home. All you need is an electrical socket. If you decide you would prefer to place it in a different location, all you need to do is move it, no plumbers or electricians required.

A further benefit of not needing a gas system is that far less corrosion occurs because oxidisation, corrosion that occurs when water and metal react, is not able to happen. As highlighted previously, electric radiators last significantly longer than gas ones and not relying on a pipe network is one of the major reasons. If you like the sound of a designer radiator, check out the other electric radiators available in our designer electric range.

At Trade Radiators all of our designer radiators come with free delivery and a price match guarantee.

Towelrads frame radiator