Silver Designer Radiators

The silver designer radiators we currently have in stock are some of the sleekest products you’ll find on-site.  If you’re in the market for radiators which look fantastic in any space, have a powerful heat output & retention, and come with an extended guarantee on the product, our silver designer radiators may be just what you need.

With different shapes and sizes available, we think you’ll find something that will fit in with what you’re looking for in your home or office. If it’s something for a large living room or small study, our radiators suit any environment and budget.

Please take a look at what we currently have in stock and find the ideal silver designer radiator for your interior, or browse our full range of radiators to discover alternative styles and finishes

Can I Get a Good Deal on a Silver Designer Radiator?

You see the word “designer” and feel that you’re not going to get a good deal on a new radiator. Trade Radiators is all about giving customers across the UK the best value possible, even when looking at designer names.

The likes of the 600mm by 475mm Apollo Magenta Aluminium Radiator in Silver (both straight and curved) is a fantastic example of a silver designer radiator available for less than £200. There are even some fantastic 1800mm tall vertical designer rads under £400.

Remember too that all the radiators you see on this page come with free delivery, so there aren’t any hidden fees when you get to checkout (we include VAT in the price as well).

Which Radiators within the Range are Popular?

The finish and style of these designer radiators are most commonly seen in contemporary spaces in the home, and commercial spaces like offices and retail.

We find that there aren’t many designer names out there creating silver radiators to a pristine finish, but Apollo is one such name you should know about.

We have stocked their products for years now and find they’re arguably the best at creating that soft yet vibrant finish you’d want when buying a designer radiator.

We would recommend checking out the entire Apollo range if you’re interested in radiators with a similar design and finish. They also have some bespoke finishes available if you have a precise colour in mind.

What are Silver Radiators Made from?

Unless stated in the product description, all the radiators you’ll see in this section are made from aluminium.

Aluminium is slightly more expensive than stainless steel due to the cost of the raw materials, but they have some fantastic benefits. They use less water and can hold heat in the unit longer than a traditional radiator.

Are there Other Radiator Finishes I Should Look at?

Silver is quite a vibrant finish with a slight shine to it.

If you’re inclined towards a more robust finish on your radiators, take a look at our full range of polished radiators.

If you like silver but prefer it toned down a little, our satin radiators may be what you’re looking for.

We would also recommend looking at our shop by colour section to see all the different finishes you can have, or view our full selection of radiators to see alternative styles.

Can I get an Electric Silver Radiator?

The radiators within this section are made for use on traditional home heating systems.

If you want a silver radiator for an electric system, we do have some models available here, although these are mostly vertical towel rails. If you want a horizontal radiator similar to the designs on this page, visit our designer electric radiator page.

How Long does it take to get a Silver Designer Radiator Delivered?

On average it takes 4-5 days for these radiators to be delivered, although we do aim to have them shipped to customers in Mainland UK as quickly as possible.

When your order is being dispatched, we will email you a delivery date notification. All radiators need to be signed for upon delivery as well. You can find more information on our delivery page.

Have Any Questions About Silver Designer Radiators?

Need help finding the right silver radiator? Or have a question about the difference in some of the finishes you’ve seen on-site, but can’t quite tell the difference?

Get in touch with the customer service team who will be happy to help. Click the chat icon in the corner of the page to get started, or visit our contact page.

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