Slim Designer Radiators

We offer a great range of slim designer radiators that will be able to level up your room with both a stylish look and a powerful output.

While radiators are often considered clunky and not much more than a necessity, we believe they can be much more. Our range of radiators are stylish and can be suited to a room’s colour scheme and chosen aesthetic. 

And better yet, you won’t be compromising on power, as these sleek radiators can still produce enough power to warm up even large, open spaces.

And if you buy with trade, you can get these excellent radiators delivered to your door as well as many other fantastic services, which also includes getting you the best possible rates.

If you would like to see alternative radiator choices, you can browse the full range of radiators we provide to find the right one for your room.

Where Should I Put A Slim Designer Radiator?

As they look great, you will want your slim designer radiator to be a part of your home aesthetic, so it would be ideal in a room where you spend a good amount of time.

That would usually be your living room or bedroom, but can also provide enough heat for much larger open spaces, such as an attic conversion.

Find One That Suits Your Home

Getting a radiator that perfectly complements your room can really help you finish off an aesthetic. Usually, clunky radiators stick out like a sore thumb, but our designer models instead enhance the room's look.

We stock top models from trusted brands. Here are just a few of our options that are currently available.

Can't see the radiator you're looking for? Take a look through our wide variety of radiators here.

How Powerful Is A Slim Designer Radiator?

While many may think that they are compromising style for performance, that is not the case with our range of designer radiators.

With BTU outputs as high as 7000, you can easily heat up large, open plan rooms and hallways.

If you aren’t sure what you need, you can find out your specific requirements using our BTU calculator.

How Much Will It Cost To Buy A Slim Designer Radiator?

These radiators, while they look great and produce impressive heat, will not break the bank.

Generally, they will cost you around the £500 mark which is a highly competitive rate for a stylish and practical radiator.

We are so confident about our rates that our slim designer radiators are covered by a price match guarantee.

And that’s not to mention the sales and special offers that we put on throughout the year, where you can make further savings.

Can I Choose My Finish?

You can pick from a range of stylish finishes that will allow your new radiator to slot right into your chosen room and its colour scheme.

Choose from excellent finishes including just some of the following:

  • Matte White
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Polished Silver
  • Chrome
  • Satin

Contact Us

Contact the Trade Radiators team to discuss options available as well as our services such as a free UK-wide delivery. You can get in touch by clicking here or by giving us a call.


Are modern slim radiators safe?

Absolutely. Our slim radiators are all tested and certified as safe. They have UKCA, CE and EN422 certifications. 

Do modern slimline radiators cost more than traditional radiators?

Only sometimes. Slim radiators come in various sizes and shapes, all of which are priced differently. A small slim radiator may be less expensive than a bigger traditional radiator. 

A slim designer radiator may cost more due to the designer brand; however, we always do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible at Trade Radiators. 

Do designer slim radiators come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our radiators, including slim and designer radiators, come inclusive of a warranty. Check out the product description to see how long the warranty for your chosen product extends.

What Fixings Do I Need To Fit A Slimline Radiator? 

All of the fixings you need to fit your radiator will be included in the package.

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