How colour & finish adds to the appeal of radiators

Not so long ago, perhaps as recently as within the last 15 years, radiators were simply white panelled objects, hung on the wall with the sole purpose of emitting heat. Designers radiators have been around for a lot longer, but traditionally, these were mainly restricted to one-off chrome-plated towel rails for bathrooms or ensuites, rather than a selection of attractive radiators that you could install in different rooms around the home. More recently, however, with the glut of home makeover programmes that were on television in the 2000s and people’s desires to make their homes appear similar to what they see in interior design magazines, radiator manufacturers have responded by making radiators that look fantastic while also efficiently kicking out some serious heat. A major player that has emerged in recent years is the aluminium radiator. These beauties are popular because they are quick to heat up, light to ship and transport and are fully recyclable. We also see an increasing number of people purchasing stainless steel rads and rails. The main reason for this is their durability and long-lasting life expectancies, as well as their unique ability to get shinier the more they are polished! The evergreen cast iron radiators are still an incredibly popular purchase for many, wanting the benefits of a material that maintains its heat for a long time, in addition to the desire to have a radiator with a traditional aesthetic. A slightly more up-to-date version of the trusted casty is the classic column radiator, which combines modern efficiency with classic styling befitting of a period property. We have seen more and more people become interested in this style of rad over the last few years and they are now one of our top sellers. As well as different styles and materials, homeowners are increasingly looking for their radiators to be in different colours, to either match their decor or to make a bold statement that stands out from the rest of their interiors. Requests for rads in certain colours is now a common request and one that we are happily able to arrange for any customer who asks for it. Radiators have been around a long time and while their styles, colours and finishes have changed (as well as improvements in energy efficiency), no-one has come up with a better solution to heating a room. Modern radiators are stylish, sophisticated, efficient and are most definitely here to stay! Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • The Benefits of Aluminium Radiators 26th Jun 2013  • The Benefits of Stainless Steel Radiators 26th Jun 2013  • Video - View all the colours in our Cast Iron Range 30th Jul 2015   
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