How to make the most out of a small bathroom

How to make the most out of a small bathroom
17 January 2023
How to make the most out of a small bathroom

Upgrading an existing bathroom or even creating a brand new one is an incredibly common home improvement task that every homeowner will experience at least once (if not more) in their lifetimes.

For such an important room, bathrooms and en-suites are usually the smallest rooms in the house. In fact, recent research has estimated that the average floor space of a UK bathroom is roughly the same as a king-size mattress. Crazy when you think about it, but true nevertheless!

There are numerous reasons why people may want to turn a small piece of space into a new bathroom. Some will want to increase privacy or add value to the home by adding a small en-suite. Others may want to accommodate a growing family by creating another bathroom.

Those with older homes may be changing the layout and moving a downstairs bathroom upstairs. Whatever the reason, we are increasingly using small spaces, such as under the stairs, the attic, taking an area of a large bedroom, in order to create an extra space for a shower, basin and toilet.

With this in mind, we offer the tips below to use the small amount of space available to maximum effect. Manufacturers have long been aware of this niche in the bathroom furniture market and there is a good amount of choice in products available for the smaller bathroom. 

Use your wall space 

When we think that horizontal space is limited, it’s sometimes easy to forget that vertical space is our friend and can be utilised without taking up valuable floor space. Corner basins, wall hung toilets, hidden storage solutions and vertical radiators are all designed with small bathrooms in mind, so these items should really be on your radar. 

Creative storage solutions 

Basins with a built-in fitted cabinet underneath are increasingly popular, as are cupboards above the toilet cistern and back-of-door hanging fabric shelves. Having L-shaped doors on cupboards stops doors opening at an angle, which is also a great space saver and gives you more choice when it comes to choosing where to put a cabinet. 

Declutter floorspace 

Lifting things up off the floor and wall mounting them (eg toilet roll holder, toilet brush) declutters the floor, giving the impression of more space. 

Lights and mirrors 

Spotlights in a recessed ceiling also look very minimalist in a small bathroom and wall-mounted uplights will make the most of vertical area, again creating the impression of more space.

Strategically placing mirrors, or even having a whole mirror wall, will instantly give the illusion of more space, as well as performing the vital function of reflecting your image. Mirrors will also reflect light (natural or electric) which is always important in making a room look bigger than it actually is. 

Have a feature wall 

If you can have one wall a completely different colour from the others, you will be able to direct attention away from the lack of space in the room. You can paint one wall a bold colour or add tiles to one wall, which will have the added bonus of providing a different texture to the other walls.

So as we have seen, with the correct amount of planning and imaginative thinking, a small bathroom can be much more than a pokey little broom cupboard. By making the most of products already available, you can have a beautiful and very useful bathroom that no-one notices is only the size of a king-size mattress!

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