Small Double Radiators from Trade Radiators

Small double radiators are both stylish and configured to convey maximum heat from a frame of minimal size. These compact yet powerful heaters are ideal when space is limited but an abundance of warmth is needed. And with style options covering column, designer and convector units, you can easily enhance the ambience of a space.

If you don’t need the boosted heating power of a double panel unit, Trade Radiators supplies a huge variety of different configurations, materials and finishes. Heating solutions for every need means you can’t fail to find the ideal radiator today.

There are alternative choices available in our small radiators range if you can't find what you're looking for, or you can view the full selection of radiators we have on offer.

Shop the range online now. 

Our Range of Small Double Radiators

Trade Radiators has a finger on the pulse of the needs of modern buyers with regards to home heating. A stylish, efficient and budget-friendly heating solution is just a few clicks.

At Trade, the range of small double radiators is comprehensive. The styles on offer cover everything from the most traditional column radiators to sleek, modern aluminium units for a diverse range of heating choices.

Every product in the catalogue comes complete with a lengthy manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind. Before you buy take advantage of the free Trade Radiators BTU calculator to uncover the precise heating power your new radiator needs to warm your chosen room.

Trade delivers for free anywhere in the UK mainland. Delivery is also offered the very next day when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Double Radiators


Why do I need a small double radiator?

Small double radiators are compact yet powerful heaters offered in a range of stylish aesthetics. They are great at fitting into tight spaces in small-medium size spaces like hallways or bathrooms.

They can also be suitable for larger spaces where even pools of warmth can be provided by small double radiators being distributed evenly throughout the room.


Are there different style of small double radiators?

Yes, you will find column, designer, convector, horizontal and vertical heaters among the many superb options available to buy today. Explore our complete collection now to find the right option for you.


Do you sell electric small double radiators?

No, small double radiators are centrally heated but there are many energy-efficient electric options to explore as part of our extensive range of radiators to order today.

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