VIDEO - How To Add Inhibitor To Your Heating System Via A Heated Towel Rail

Central heating inhibitor is a liquid additive to put in your heating system to help prevent the build up of limescale and corrosion in your radiators. Adding inhibitor can help with the efficiency of your system and increase the lifespan of your radiators, and it's definitely something you can do yourself. This video features Jimmy the Plumber covering the easiest way of adding inhibitor to your heating system. As he explains, most plumbers looking to inhibit a system will first look for a heated towel rail in the house. Adding inhibitor via a heated towel rail is the simplest way of doing it and this is the method Jimmy covers in this video. If you do not have a heated towel rail in your house, we  cover how to add inhibitor via the loft tank here. Heating inhibitor is available to buy in the Accessories Section of our website »» The radiator featured in the main image is the Deco Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail  Article by Benjamin Clarke
17 April 2014