We Have Rails To Fit Even The Smallest Of Spaces

We Have Rails To Fit Even The Smallest Of Spaces
17 January 2023
We Have Rails To Fit Even The Smallest Of Spaces

Despite what glossy interior design magazines would have you believe, not everyone's home is blessed with unlimited wall space, where you can hang a radiator or towel rail with reckless abandon. Sometimes it's just not that simple.

So what do you do when you have a small bathroom and the only space you have to fit a heater measures 1100 x 450mm? You want to squeeze something in there but also have the ability to warm your towel and heat your bathroom appropriately, so what happens now?

You contact Trade Radiators, which is exactly what the customer whose towel rail is featured did! You can see from the before and after pictures how tight the space was, but what a fantastic addition to the bathroom once it was installed!

We have the largest selection of towel rails of any online supplier, with unusual sizes like the one above catered for, including sizes 600x400mm, new 800x1000mm, 1800x750 and more!

Especially popular are our Pisa designer towel rails that come with a long guarantee, 25mm bars, huge heat output, stylish Italian design and free delivery (as all of our products do). They're also available in chrome, white or black finishes, with electric and dual fuel options.

If you're keeping to a budget, then we also stock our Trade Direct Heated Rails, which are high-quality chrome heated towel rails with a long guarantee and, of course, fast free delivery. 

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