Basement Radiators

Trying to turn your basement into a functional spare room? If you’re finally making use of it or just want to replace an old radiator with a reliable new model, Trade Radiators have a robust selection of radiators that can fit perfectly into any basement.

The Right Type of Radiator for Your Basement

Finding the right radiator for a basement isn’t too difficult when you take in to account some of these factors:

  • How well insulated is the room?
  • Where are existing radiators piped into rooms above?
  • Is your basement piped in the central heating system?
  • What size of radiator can you fit in?

What Radiators Work Best in a Small Basement?

Small basements as normally great heat keepers. Because of this, you’ll usually only need a small radiator to keep the space toasty.

We recommend looking at some of the compact and single panel radiators on offer that use minimal effort to keep a room at a good temperature. Also, consider getting thermostatic valves, so you have greater temperature control in the basement.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Basement? 

Bigger basements can have some trouble areas. Look out for any draughts or parts of the room that would be considered a cold spot. A good convector radiator will do a great job of helping heat flow in a bigger underground space.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Basement Radiators?

Kartell design high-quality convector radiators that are cheap and have a consistent BTU output. We have models starting as low as £24.

How Can I Get a Cheap Basement Radiator?

Some people have their washing machines in the basement. If that’s the case in your home, you may want to look at the towel rails we have in our own Trade Direct range. They’re the cheapest rails on site and are ideal if you want to place a clotheshorse nearby to get clothes drier quicker.

Better Prices at Trade Radiators

At Trade Radiators we strive to give customers the best value possible, no matter what room you need a radiator for. If you see one of the radiators available on this site at a better price elsewhere, we will price match the radiator to help you save more.

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