VIDEO: How to install a Deco Stainless Steel Radiator

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In our latest DIY video, Jimmy the plumber goes through the process of installing a lovely polished stainless steel Deco designer radiator, in place of an old white one, which is well past it’s best. A major reason why stainless steel radiators are so popular is because of the length of time that they retain heat. Even after switching the central heating system off, stainless steel radiators will still stay warm for quite a long time afterwards. This often feels nice because it means the temperature gradually decreases, rather than dropping off quickly as with some other materials. Stainless steel is also very resistant to corrosion, which is an important feature of a radiator. As shown in our video on inhibitor fluid, sludge can quickly build up inside your heating system, so stainless steel being more resistant to the oxidation process is highly beneficial to the longevity and efficiency of your system. However, even with stainless steel radiators, always add inhibitor to your system. The Deco radiator featured in this video, comes in a wide range of sizes, as well as with single or double panels. If you have limited wall space and not sure if a horizontal rad (as in the video) will fit, we also have some Deco’s with vertical orientation, so you can really make the most of your vertical space. The Deco’s come in a polished stainless steel, which is easy to keep clean and actually looks better with each polish. Alternatively, it comes with a smooth and sophisticated brushed satin finish, which is less shiny but no less eye-catching. All come with free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK, along with a comprehensive 25 year guarantee, as well as all necessary wall fixings and bleed plugs. Article by Benjamin Clarke
2 April 2015