Interior design inspiration - White Heated Towel Rails

The bathroom is one of the most decorated homes in our houses and it's usually one of the first things we notice when viewing a new property or having a nose around a friends house.

There has been an increasing trend towards minimalist bathrooms, with crisp lines, uncluttered surfaces and contemporary finishes.

This often stems from our desire to replicate the typical boutique hotel-style bathroom and to have a piece of that lifestyle within our own homes.

Over the last ten years, a very popular addition to the bathroom experience has been the inclusion of a heated towel rail in the design plans.

Heated towel rails help prevent our damp towels from taking on that nasty musty smell and they also serve the useful purpose of having somewhere to hang towels, rather than over the shower screen, on on a small hook on the back of a door.

Heated towel rails comes in a variety of colours, but many people opt for the simplicity of white. A white towel rails provides that unobtrusive minimalist look and, as the most common bathroom suite colour is white, they are perfect for blending in and giving that overall feel of design cohesion.

Though they are one of the most popular rooms to decorate, the space we allocate for our bathrooms is getting smaller and smaller. We are increasingly opting for well-designed but tiny ensuites, squeezed into small areas as we seek to gain more floor space in other rooms, like a third bedroom.

In these restricted spaces, white heated towel rails really come into their own. They are perfect for making use of vertical space, when horizontal space is often very limited.

Additionally, their 'projection' (the amount they stick out from the wall) is very small, so you can move around in a small space with ease whilst also having heat and somewhere to hang your towels.

Finally, as any semi-knowledgeable interior designer will tell you, white gives the illusion of space, so installing a white towel rail into a small bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom is far less imposing than a rail in a darker shade.

Below are some classic examples of white towel rails that have been sent to us by our excellent customers. You can really see how well these white rails fit into these bathrooms and hopefully gives you the inspiration to install a white heated towel rail in your own homes!

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